About Ant3Dstudio


We talk about our orientation, principles and purpose

Our orientation

Development of own software solutions

AR/VR technologies

2D/3D Design

Web engineering

Gaming and education

Motion graphics and animations

Our goal is an innovative future

We are working on the development of various technological and multimedia projects in the fields of entertainment and education.

Our developments help people plunge into the world of innovation and technology. We try to interact with all available platforms and tools for a deeper immersion in the information world.


We try to use all possible digital ways of interacting with the product to get the best possible response.


We believe that the use of technology - simplifies the solution of complex problems, attracts interest in learning and helps to master a particular subject on their own.

Contact Details

You can contact us if you are interested in mutual cooperation, proposal to improve the quality of products or other.

If you have any questions about the interaction of our projects, you can ask a question on our official forum through your AntID profile or write to our support email.

Email: support@ant3dstudio.com

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